From Les Muguets (Lily of the Valley) of Hubert De Givenchy to our Les Primevères (Primeroses)

Today, we, at Marietta la Bella, being so fond of culture and the history of fashion, wanted to share with you the story of Les Mouguets (Lily of the Valley) ball gown that inspired us to create our version of glamor in the shape and form of Les Primevères (Les Primroses) Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself cozy. You are going to enjoy this...

Hubert De Givenchy created Les Muguets evening gown in the 1955. 

It was the time of formal evening wear that every society lady was supposed to have in her wardrobe. Moreover, a society lady of the 1950s was expected to shine and present herself in a new and breathtaking outfit every time she attended a reception, a ball, an opera show, a ballet performance, or a theatre play.

 It was the time of sumptuousness and fine elegance which was the reason why some of the most elaborate dresses were sometimes commissioned for a specific occasion and worn only once. Les Mouguets was created for and worn by the Viscountess de Bonchamps. It is an  evening dress of white silk organdie with an all over embroidered pattern of lily of the valley in white and cream silk, and plastic sequins. It is full-length and has a high waist, is strapless, and has a train. The strapless bodice has a curved neckline with a low back. It is such an exquisite dress that would have made any woman wearing it feel like a goddess. 

We, at Marietta la Bella got so enchanted by the story of Les Muguets that felt the burning desire to recreate the breathtaking charm of this historical evening dress into a fine wedding gown of our own.

We wanted to see a modern bride in a sumptuous dress that would echo the era of refinement.

Even though we are aware that certain masterpieces like Les Muguets can never be replicated, our production team got inspired to create Les Primevères (Primroses) meant for the romantic, modern bride who is in love with primroses, pearls, big dreams, and life itself. 


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